Friday, January 13, 2017

Good morning

    It is late morning so it is also kind the beetles have bled their best with tapes and faded blazers broken in because wearing the coat breaks it in    its late morning and I threw out a ham hock that was molding. It's late morning.        it is sweater weather and the birds are still here because it has been warm   it was cold then warm and so the birds are here crowing in the late morning.        It is morning so I take to the streets     the paper reads bullet point card games where you shuffle up to shuffle then bet to shuffle then bet to shuffle then shuffle again
A morning for           movie magic but I know differently         the movie says it's like me so  breath the air I have coming to me and wear the black coat       and step lightly towards whats coming gold length towards me the culprit has been caught and it's not me         I am I am there's nothing to worry about said the movie like its morning so I take to the streets    because its morning    and I'm the sixths step card owner  so its the island for me     it morning and cold and it's  also  no ones business    that it's my time and everyone should Know that           like its free for me  but I know differently           it is late morning so take to the streets theres work to be done                  it is morning and the mind is smarter then I expected                  a breath can be make up or deep pi depending on how gross your shoe strings are wearing new close everyday I see it clean
           There is       Muscular distanceing from the color I see and the feeling that has been gifted me so the colors must be wrong or the feeling is       so I check the papers       again   
             It takes a skip or two to get into the feel because it's morning           

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