Friday, February 17, 2017

Boast calf me calf bend calf jaw line me line
Block be letter block be thumb be boast be thought then thumb me post be scene be tone be make up be lodge rent post script lodge rest prest in post pest best be print boast be great paper least of this boast language bastard prancer Christmas length and wrapped loudest of all.

           It will never be wrong to be written and or will be wrong in written form so to be strong no matter the    wrong to be right remember this noticed truce forgotten    
So that it can be right. No matter what is said and or happens.   In real time goat time is not real love remember color as it can be and not as it was bought, made def tone sarcastic.
to be made to your long gut no length in mixed length without  remembrance  and pianos
                       Or fiddle or sight gate or being in for or without......

              Can't play without.  The least of these

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