Friday, March 17, 2017

They say the food is provided yet the substance must be worked for

In strength the ball moves no matter the guilt and clan. Ed.   Destine deliverance feels feeling free to for   because the realm of made         the rest of it as you please because you are protected 
No matter what happens to the ones not connected to you        and or the feel

                A clause caliph act of passion and color leave guns to fire like a child and it can      clean caliph clean theorist feel it clean and safe for now.     And does it can as can   
        does                plastic gun and color       in hand
And comfortable  as movement
                          Strengths and the weak need, or doesn't,
        The food is provided and somehow some think that       the least of us still stilled  drilled           need to work for it too                                       
               to fill the             the         of the  best of our selves in chains      rimming   got to gone and akin to blank like the one let through      in spit and spite of our selves          The morsels that survive knocking motionless and with something else               unmentioned in flesh and bone
                                        at the door
       and              Nothing is wasted the boast half face neat make you in shapes as face paint does no matter what one needs to eat or see in color to make sense
                                When lie is lay with money and bull horned             mucus and everything
                 What one needs spent mean the rest is a bounty for the rest of no one but the one let through                a gate coned safe breath where work is ...       ...       the Yb don't know-and do

                                So that it can feel
The one that naught and bought and boast  is safe          because money and bought and bend and best
              Without money.          
and both
                             set scene salivate 
          Think they own a few
While living
                                        Are we comfortable with freedom.                 
              I sure as Fuck am.. ...     to the rent       
One                    charge us all to feel
                   It has owned nothing and

     was                sold a different bundle

the suns' think they know of everything
        Same as the past   naughts knowing everything.      
Taking sun
and                 everything without explanation
                    taking what it can stomach
light and defence
                                         Defence is gravity
Take it into itself
         the thug thing      that matters
and or Poetics reject religion
                       in current form and spicy conditions deliver the premiership procedures collective
                    Does what it's told to do/feel
Without post script and protractor
             Both can matter
                                  while not taking care of each other

        Because Jesus chin            turned dance and feel  change soon a chance tookeverything to yours
                            after death with money
Of course

naturally                a human is not
compensation                   must be

the sacrifice is something else     as of now of course

                yet a calf must he counted
The sacrifice made  and gone hunting posted
                             i see color i  limes
notice the color    most of all
               wnd the voices that inhabit the color. Faces.              that live within me              and              Without me



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