Sunday, July 21, 2019

here can get as here as of now

i blinked and it was a moment ago when the life i live, d
wrote writs with muse ic and love enough to call us  us sir us and all us us
     enough to breathe a berth without the valet of rich  blood
                         (the valet being a working gift flesh and bone    dick and skins usually both carabiners fullofother peoples keys)  and wearing  waring   clothes they wouldn't wear if they could could like the         ones they park the cars for; wearing the blanket tucked
   what ever that means       the middle is worth the battle                      as employed ,
           bleeding into it the blood of ghost jesus became the blood of the rich    is most yet  and i is am  and        am is at a point that is is at    at
here as here can get as of now

     who here is done with it   the whip  being a penance owed/paid        to an owner either gained or birthed into it              schooled in the way in which it cams    and not in the way it      

                   matters and i couldn't know but would but can't       because of
 so the only work or real thing to us      is but
              bullet    the     lie              the light shin          shine in
and love it
leaving me wine   and   tone and silt and gift and sweat and blink and lists and lists and lists
          however skin comes     is goes  i'm afraid            of
                                                                        and your words know me
like the   flowers do   only we had a drink once and
     i imagine it more'everything       even now   with wrinkles  and time changes the planets and us but not the feeling;    begit a pulse and skin
                     one has to Do it all to see it all          
that mean s  it all     and people think what is he doing                    and the muse is flow   regarding not your moves     for they are different people with different things to care about
                                             how different are we                                  i still love you

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