Tuesday, March 28, 2017

mills turn big things into smaller things

Audduiytalistic bacon searing on can iron tooth picks after a good meal

        Is.              What is being sold is
Not is As  could be       we feel this and so to whoever the rest of it believes in is does and fights for
          The sold Is.         plan plains plane in dark corners with outwardly ridged dementions   boasting breath  
       being corners      
                          standing betting growth on  corners and stake to the hungry ones         taken to seal comfort up in satisfaction  around feel so that it can iron too    the picks fatbelly yocals chair scene     after a good meal  
                blood death face smile forearms red and  reckless red   

  so good its' drips the hungry kill for

                 and sticky with meal    and safe
                        In death and dark nest      unsatisfied
        the corners      a party      one must not question   a calm eye well fed and looking         to  boot
                   Logic goes to meow determind meow to the one that       has eaten and has  been given bread     leave shoes at the door aims at determining everything

           The one
not it singing pretty    
                    is most yet when writing one requires break  in post and pelt and phirn and firm          The thumbs mark on a key board is board with scrolling           the party is the ones that know don't tell of it and when dead to the ones that do are in
       And there in dance   an it death documentary not scene the no life gives yes life quietly     

            While the ones that are alive    dance for the dead   

          pleasure fingers  are everywhere
tell so        it says

                    And you are not invited because you hadn't already been given the death life/ earned   with death. That is to say killed.  
                                          corner vase sitting on ones patio growing somthing     And you and me  

     Because there is wind there            and machines to take
Us...         there   in flight?
Is as  a boast        is bought boast and given unto lost without measure  as personable relations grow collective flowers
                       And still expected to take flight          plane       coats  owning defence in death practice worship owners circle we are all     in.           it       as    long.  As    The sin is

                 clouds safe on any given
Coasting a blue seal upon a blue sky veined in red blood wanting a  living got a gift shelter gained upon the backs of no haves to he eating eyeing the  looked down upon giving one what they    in no way need from him but
Somehow want to give and receive his boast bent beat best bastard
            The nothing he wants to go
                       a  Point a gift     and or point given a gift           steal and take and dance and eat the bleed the questionable
give what is dearest to you to you and and

          And him and her in grill burger cheese steak its  saturday beer week because the hosting is the blue sky best in is gift while burning and frying most of
         it love smoke love   gut love  feel love peace love give and cook it aaalll.
Breath a good breath is
                             The          thing thought about while pisssing
                Eat it all babe.  We won because we're all here Eating and smoking    everything  is safe    ?.       
          or dine on the  against    aftermath before in forethought
           a tail uncut because the lion when came upon with measure will come upon the one in measure     And in eye and skin  and  both can play in time, take a nap then together eat something clever     no aggression.

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