Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lentl soup pt.2

The time moved slow,
the coffee fast and
there were

no shoes to tie. No
time to be stalled

by excuse. My mind left
moments unchecked, against it

Then I found your eyes again,

and tried once more-
with tales of rice
and roe. Of stories denied

by common senses more
in tuned to social consequence.

A story of life's journey,

because what difference
it make.

And smiles found smiles; a difference
forgotten-we walked

to the park and played
til dawn.


  1. I love this and would love to know who you are thinking about!

  2. i parody relations from my life and sometimes friends. i like to strain Truth with a hard days work-so all it wants to do is get mcdonalds, smoke a j and watch csi reruns.

  3. Another fantastic one. I am so thoroughly in love with your words that I cannot think of a way to better express how in love with them I am.

  4. thank you! That's why I wright.