Tuesday, May 25, 2010

this is just a test

This is just a test, a
comical round

of betting,
to sweat through another

love. Unable to see the words,

from my tongue, stretching out
into the jaded air,

the skies, our lies and dew.

Not lies with words but eyes
with swords piercing

itchy souls. This is just a test.

With hope in my pocket,
plans in my

head. Dreams in my eyes and
strong hands. This
is just a test.

Calling hearts, spades and tossing
my chips in,

I do not blink, or move when bluffing.

This is just a test. This should have
happened before
...between kisses...

I am three years
to late she said...between

Than she called
her ex-boyfriend...this...


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