Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just in case the words didn't

Just in case the words didn't
fall in the

right order for you, I'll say them

again. And in the darkness-when
you willingly turned out the

lights-my hands where ignored
by your selfish defensive

to protect your heart from good,
bad, and

the life we lead-that leads us.

I said it twice. But you couldn't listen
to me due to the darkness,

and fear. Because of the others,
I guess, you didn't listen-

to keep it fare for us all.

I want to move there, for
the sake of L@V%.

You couldn't-didn't-find the,
time to abide my words,

hands. So I left.


  1. your poetry is amazing. very inspiring, which is exactly what I am needing right now!

  2. awesome! I always enjoy your insights, photos...as well. that's a kickass tattoo btw.