Wednesday, June 2, 2010

behind the twins,

in a ranch of gray, behind the twins,
i think of you.

you are the stars, behind the clouds,
untouched, out of view.

a Play of yore, comes to trend,
beside your bed.

and a seed of mine, covered still,
inside your head.

will fade to bland, untouched,
starved, and unfed.

if i leave you, with my heart,
unlaunched, and bled.

i've heard of fate, in a story,
told to me.

between the sheets, i believed,
its fantasy.

but the doing, isn't done,
when we can pass.

this life off, with a remote,
made of glass.

and view charms, in the shade,
on our ass.

carving dreams, not from gold,
but of brass.

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