Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Leave the change or change and leave?

Leave the change or change and leave?
What do I sacrifice, in order to
change? In keeping

with the norm, it seems, right
to leave

the Good. With it's
sober and civil, cobwebbed corners;

laces tied and clean. But

tied together. And when I walked
I trip to the ground, choking

on the breath of laughing faces.

Or leave the Bad instead,
and laugh no more. Only with simple

shoulder swings, arms crossed and frowning,
can I let a tiny smirk across,

face. Like my father did. Leave jokes,

and take the pokes. Leave the dotted
skin of life and breath-and the colored

brown eyes, that closed when we danced.

Leave the unknown plans of dreams,
and schemes. For static comforts and Suburban

gifts of sugar coated comity, and the
prodigal tastes it breads.

Leave the change or change and leave?

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