Friday, June 17, 2011

i wear my glasses to bed

i wear my glasses to bed, sleeping still,
to see my dreams more clearly.

to define the leaf from the twig
at distance, and learn in multiple ways

the differences between them.

to rewrite signs and tangled lines, unmanaged
by the view-

seen through eyes, the shapes comprised of
reprimand, broken glasses

and the saltless tears of forgotten dreams.

but in the sake of dreaming awake, i find
the stories enduring,

like a fire burning tricks
like a sandbox shitting on babies
like an onion buried yet blooming
like hell, but in Miami in December.


  1. This is such a peculiar poem it makes me smile and its so intriguing. It really is masterful written I love "like a fire burning tricks" that's awesome

  2. this might be like destroying mystery, but for a moment I felt that your blog is like a quiet room

  3. my blog can be a quiet room i guess. one that you can hang out in, drink some coffee, relax.

    thanks jingle