Sunday, June 12, 2011

job hunting

job hunting is like trying to sell cloth to a clothes line.
you have to convince yourself, and the clothes line, that bearing cloth is normal.
is every cloth draped line, bent heavy, swaying in a sunlit afternoon, happier than the others?

the others, standing just as tall.
the others, entertaining birds.
the others, undressed without defense-scaring sheep.

job hunting is your last cigarette rained on.
the wet paper turning clear, exposes the guts.
forcing you to smoke it gently; or through it in the gutter.

it forces you to lie, by telling the truth.
to dance, interpretively, to the sound body language makes, underwater.
I can hold my breath for 30 minuets without laughing.

job hunting is for losers because winners already have jobs.
but if winners have jobs then what's the second job for?
and in the real world you wouldn't have to bleed, just to blink.


  1. Wonderful!

    My daughters are both job hunting and it is extremely frustrating. They are either under-qualified or overqualified but never "just right". Great cigarette analogy. Now it is so much more impersonal with internet personality "quizzes". They disqualify you before they even know you.

  2. thanks neetzy. it is awful. if you factor in school loans into it all, who has the money to take out more loans to start a business. All the time is spent working to afford the payments.

  3. I love this poem its beautiful written and cool. I hate job hunting with a primal passion

  4. so true. Im looking for a job right now. lol