Thursday, June 9, 2011

a story of the middle

we enter the story in the middle
the middle
being where some stories become not boring

where its beginning to show signs of
something worth telling

worth repeating the story

and thats where it begins
in a sense

the beginning being ignored
applied as

or at least
in as far as

the story goes


it is a story unfinished
the end is unseen

and therefor can not
and should not
be speculated upon

however it is important to note
that an ending is being formed

even now
as the middle progresses
from a beginning

into a middle
and eventually an end

meaning the inevitable demise of
and resolution of
the story itself
and most

if not all
of its unwilling inhabitants

i assure you
all the details will be presented

in order of importance
which may lead the reader into a twisted
albeit predictable ride

the tale
being unpredictable by nature
should exhaust such fumes

of nonsense
choking its participants
its readers

and if its lucky
any ears listening to its retelling

and this is where the story bends
the reader

searching for meaning
in the words
but sadly

i can not go any further
seeing as though

we have now reached the end

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