Saturday, March 22, 2014

the color of your jacket

a passive deed surprise   outside
       the getting up is the hardest part

             a done deed    an exponetic  time piece
       clocked rankness    the money is coming in and there is nothing else
to fuck   collect and own

a wafered spectacle    ad/hoc   the nouns Will measured
  ledgers pulped and kissing

whatever can be kissed
the verbs to  transubstantiatic
dilettantes  fat and hungry       eating themselves
          eating the way they've been told
eating cross pence'd prodigy
                  because your In control

and the god of your mother has room
       as if the color of your jacket had sleeves    room enough to grow
yellow cleaves      obedient  in moon and dark side

unmoved   a passive deed overlooked

the land is where we live and the walking is how we get there
   forget your measures  

the old way need not apply

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