Sunday, March 30, 2014

sailors/Apostles/and truck week

it's better to be bright  then rendered 

it seems
       a blue bank      grayed    rind in lemon fashion 
its' cat walk   magic     like the kind we grew up with   dizzy 

makes you rethink the kind we grew up with
  if sailor mammoths eat your delights               no questions to foam

 and fawning is inherent

like a saviors tailor tailing         mouth closed 

     no surprise but what you design
the Apostle meant to scribe not interpret 
          a slave is made to deliver    

                      the devils name   his receiver 
mouth cocked  opening the floor named desire

         a lie is what the truth can not afford

and change         is taxes cutting prose
to process a safety                secured in cuffs 
   both links and the ones meant for hauling 

its truck week        and the keys are awaiting  contract

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