Sunday, April 13, 2014

i played/we played

i played

             we played    a game

a fitted color basque fretted by chance and timber
        the balance ledgered with repentance

it  carries   Kingly       riptide   radiation
             And    in old folks foliage          bleed a scrip     dancing

                       vortexual valer      like

        tonguing   hard candies        with soft centers meaning everything

                   suck your best and thank it out the door.

believe in action. no matter the cost       bundled dollars   in rubber Banded  brevity
          leave it to the good guys.

                                                         and          weather changes discussion

be it bout or bond   for orders sake we should see it          cut it correctly.  

                  and what of the SEA      an ocean of love littered in congeniality 

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