Tuesday, April 15, 2014

we are timber

      we are timbers in the river
who    when cares to

 compels the tide     in want in length
             a timbers   weights its measurement
to gain it Here

            take the lines     squint to make them right
measuring there

            movement itself a flock     loosing memory like a lease

        we are timbers in a river
who can lend its measurement void

            breaking bread with the devil and cop a feel with the saints

            re-begin and define this meaning

a measurements meant adaptation

        we are timbers in the river
who parades unnecessarily

         we are a timber in a river
who   damns    when collected

        we are timbers in the river
who looks at mirrors in museums        plays tricks in threes  and
blinks when told to

           to  see your worst in night and day

forgetting that

          we are timbers in the river
who mends and allows mending

we are timbers whose river picture centerfold     in new york

ledgers with no evidence if the lights turn off
      we are timbers in the river
who channels turning

            but never off        no blanket necessary

when errands run     multiple tables
        a balance farthing        faired  gained in the taking game

ill measured in repeat  and meetings kept time table resentments  

  cave drawings   only the drawing was given up     as the lines were put it

                         meaning uni-dimension              the one and only

       we are timber in river
who            wealth planet lips flume

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