Friday, April 11, 2014

i read a book about chakras, again, there are so many of them

it talks all the time

    the source       as an eagle put it
it dwells without you       needs replication

or so the books say

      you see it in your dreams   in fact it makes them real
dream work 

if what the shaman says is true

it dies when we die    peti-file
    if the catholics had their way

           the pearly gates have a paypal
or st john takes discovery

it pines in battered tear drop fashions  helicopter dresses
      worn by the beautiful ones

held in suspension so that we may take pictures of their beauty
         it regrets this phenomena 

it laughs at suppressious superstitions      when floating lures    bobber jacket
      between scent and ones definition of    in  the know

the rights of spring 

could relieve it       her voice  sanctuary   beauty and
as it happens    caught unmoved freely

is movement         it moves but i can't think   the way
its' tooth's        a segway into

a blank check signed by those of which do not care about money

yet take it all 

    it is a spiritual utterance          we're told its important    but
i'd have to get back to you on that one

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