Friday, May 16, 2014

angst and word play

the lawn is cut for me and yet i still find it a burden to live
    i am nothing in spite of vision     and what is not seen

             a story told in magnets          or the intra-red-shades
we pull over our eyes    in order to be perceived as   

one that can see            i'm speaking to the laura marling in us all

to attend           and endure a past seemingly disconnected   
earth         where have you been?

a story bests     or boils          depending on is victorious moments 
tales sucking victor    
               and vowing anything to pass

that         depend upon our mouths endurance 
empty and working                full and vindicated      in lots of way
        trailing last tallies

full of talents and tenants    sonnets upon seances 

spoiling real

reality chances the wind    chances        blinking tense

blacking breaks between win and loose

      a winners boast makes paper headlines  the day after
or it oiled with the dinners fish and chips  

      let a hung pained folly go   and let fester a dew

when paved intentions spell  paper machete remainders  
     fleet water
shading     unclean

a water meant for drinking

i dare you to read             and write   and self emulate 

without the integrity of cages

forge a madness    to forgo one

it is not your duty to perpetuate 
            in fact it is quite the opposite 

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