Thursday, May 1, 2014

things that are not up to me/ or you

i dreamt        a bounty wrench    strong as
      horses hooves in mid race      depressing valley

tight your ears and mouth

eyes     put away          as if sleep were

life bulbs to be casted away when out  
         trashbag knotted and delivered to the street

               in a since      
blinking yesterdays wrenches    same as todays
                 semantically named     assembly  

stitch and tear the same when bought and paid for

we square your sleeves       you square mine  
       mine square best
in past tense

Nature bends
bends in weakness

wind submissions        make it worth its wild

in seed and branch         both give way to change
       when wrench and branch   twist

a wind
                using others to let us all know it's there
      we tend to lock our secrets              and we tend to
come upon them               intrusively

the serpent and eagle are not brothers      
                        they live together           learn in the same time

thrust and quarry ends            perturbation needs only holes to be complete

and the week begins  on occasion   left-ly          baskets of life     leaving

right  brain

basking in the far right way of thinking

i don't know
what we owe to the Sun                  understand this    color trance
     dope a braid and believe

the ways of man             lend this     mouth  submission

 enough unabated sound

enough to loose direction      arrows pointing everywhere
and every wear     and everywhere

its not too much to think that the earth keeps her own time
                     that shouldn't reck you
inconsiderate of our sound
                   if i were Her i'd think a tree

at its weakest         untouchable        

           and the sound of some   she keeps

not around      but somewhere
and those are things           that are not up to me          or you

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