Tuesday, May 27, 2014

complications in the unlively mind of a student not studying anything...

do what you will        
    i have seen    someone a mule
as it were           in the
                                          land of the free
   or if   you will have it            in severed space

that space is the length between whatever definition you
      have to defend your eyes

and the lips it takes to console them       that space

in fret  consoles temporarily       not caring i'm.....
        without me
her without you and a vision  of         luck

                                         having a mind of its own

even though it doesn't like to be bent
             i bend in resource

life begins beyond a Bayou's swamp
                              the water doesn't care either way

it's thoughts are its own........let alone loneliness

poetry doesn't need the teaser

do what you will   and the mule will still moan
                i was just thinking of all the Same       them and us

could of had if life Back then wasn't lost in the You
    'r  worth-its
    'r  trading-spaces-on-tv-divvied-up-within-and-between-commercial-tunes

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