Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hello to it/ you

Hello to it/ you    through the finger lap upon lap of laps of death deaths gripping it's plastic death toned cylindrical stick    lapping sun in sparkle red lipsticks races caking  in creases between lip open one and lip open two  flapping   dead lips      and eyes              according to           accounting   ...the death worship makes its move to 
eyelip music manic tone depths tone deans....
                 Hello  it /you
Don't add your my or my you to its  no and or not yet but no any way it goes...

        And what about it
It doesn't matter because your wearing you lipstick and my left hand

                      You your garden breasts and me my no means no coughed up a decade ago in my own mouth I own it all
            You your t_shirts you have in drawers folded neatly you used to wear wore once
                            Me tskirts worn under button ups being quiet because that's my job

                      You later skin zs' faults of yes and no the way old cartoons used to do it    self giving into strength means space uninhabited while breathing in.
The space inside of you is not for

               Me so it's not for me but that doesn't mean I don't like you. Again.  there are parts of me that get along along again  

                                       And while we smile I look at my phone and not you  hello to it/ you

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