Saturday, December 17, 2016

Goat cheese

I yell as it yells I toss as it tosses too and frow through it  all the while the growth is it on color   while having everything       I dont      The point takes its own down        dragon hole into the dark out side of     color because the dark is too yes        Context ill    considered             
      Structure undefined         but we and she is yes to and from here.  
            The blanket is      blind        can see if feel can.    The boast can see two feet nests if all             and the mind mound sees all it can                     to be punctual feed back it's strength and weakness all the same so there is some          Having

  sorting of mail to do.   Some               favorite pants on a rainy day                some clever dance while hand screen dances too               Canon clay            some decades past I'd be singing to the wine casts being too stone to be real.            And I know this is too blended to be a good wine  

                    The goat cheese has lost its value and I am lost.                  

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