Thursday, December 22, 2016

Magic is easy and persuasion is to

It's a party so wear what everyone else is wearing        fit in to relax do what I say to be free                            do what I want you to
     do think what I want you to think steal your soul for me wrap it up easy bow and set before my feet      to feel
  Smile it's me the goon with the gun.  I know what I'm talking about     my Feet never touched the dirt I swear I'll save you from     use two inch words it's what everyone does                  the problem with death these days is that one doesn't die the goon just sinks others into the blank    
                Others eyes opened curious and listening    because there's noise    being board with a curious eye and a  closed    mind       Is all it takes to take       Having a gun to your head  like a joke and the flag reads            I am I am   Be back in five


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