Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A weekend dose when it's the middle of June

Only if
     At best      A vagrent bread
Breads yet again 

I see it long       or so     could

         Bee   attitudes    
They have been leaving 
        I also   see it round  and cabled

When bellies lend
      The current as curtains
To be dressed
           As tongues of the eyes see
Then a low      or
         Allow the wood

      The trees are leaving

              How could a tree trump clean air
           Once  and twice and once more
So desparent      needs to out it down
to in it sound
     Seed this air
Its an conservative jipsee that wins the day in politics

         Play is the will      and let it be satisfies          it     
                 is a monkeys' s game

        Its' armored        filaments of cream whipped       nomencladic presidencies

           Sail on you sailor with not
Real tendon     or tending
The ropes
       They are prevoided and working
            They are right
Of pasture

           That is to say has left in felt
And the middle has next
         Has no stance in a waiste land lent leisure
            It has been said that the meek will inherent this
     When clout is gout featuring bounty
Feasted this

      Loss is low strain       could it be

As         it gets

        be later
or some later
      Bernard benadicked banndaid
rip it off quick as was put on

          It's not fear of death when you don't think about it
           Stance is for the week
And weekends never come when it can't be felt

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