Wednesday, October 7, 2015

De liver and boasts most of all

It is a will to contend with
      Her moves. His moves dewinchlish
                The move is best spoken in

A jesters courtiers
                          The latter day   of saints 

The latter day saints Terry best in concordial sleeves laid delwincklet
            Save the rest to be covered

 baroque trash barrels   painted eagles covering the mail.
         The will is most important
And the Will delivered a bounty of boasting pretence
          And delivering is left be to the
Do What Thou Whilst.......

           Your morter settings spawn a beggeres

Plight      and because there is still room

         For some

                      Believe  in something

       A move is easy when screen savers save 

Sometime there is in't     occasionally she 

Or he         ( mostly he) doesn't square

                 there it could be a bed

There it could be a thread 

        At best     a bed at most and taken to  the jest. 

                 A deliverance of kings maid least of bend   when dosilic posts plead

Fold the clothe as she said.       A deliverance of kings.

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