Thursday, October 22, 2015

The mouth waters river

The boat is there   the Terry lingers   is wows and shoes and woes

         Wary is the block calm is the reason
Blink           Is            the savior      and ware is the blink 
                  The load must be leaves
Blown in the wind      
                    And who here salivstes for that
you a closed mouth         
                         Open     or do your worst

Closed and       I do      the rest? 

                                   Open to guitars

                    Open to fuel       
        Age          save       you a wining measure         save you        you    
        Nothing more

And let that idea         rock
      skipping rock across a pond fisted dimple rifts                    at night when gaurds are down     skip      or not

                             And let it 
           Smoking what have them
     Allowing the beet

            Or beat
change the blood
While the game is played.    
       It is the right kind of let it go.
                            Sure  your spoke     is bounty
Carry its' measure         And lend its' hearing to the pores  

                 A passion      on color     in deliverance          can mend     in silver cuffs

Buttons buttened        if it's comfortable 

save a soul       that can
            Do that        

And if it can't               It a soiled seed out boat      swim the sea          no questions asked
                         Being clever       lever saintly  And not        boats most        

                In Bush land         count  the tokens of  the masons  bastard

                           Fucked when told to.
Love of       in stead of if        its allowed      grow fat of this
                   Loose wait and exercise
                             It's gluten I've been told
Lend this               And
      The boat
remains           why      an opened salamander
No one knows         And if

        An excitment      could tell    we would all be       free


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