Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cap your best

Feel the hot  breath of passion on your skin      and lay waist its calm

                   Felt it bladder pond blink once more
            It levy-ing        leveraged     spoken least
And most

                    When color screens caliphat
Pasture        there is a validation   

                in caliphat              
        It could be nippples
                        it could be boarded house
                     It can be leverage
It is last       
                            Feel the beat  break of passion        boast most of all
        And lay gain to the moment

                The box of color least and most

           Pasture there         is validation

Tones leap here and their
                   Fingers can tell the difference
So can eyes     if in          screened.    
                 Cap your best      rally until the day of rent        Cap it rally       Cap its fool

               Carry on        Cap it dawn and cap it down          raps the gone grown
       Rhymes its' best cause    
             Yet laying her is not the answer
    Nature grows and eats in the same space               
                       Core     it's salivate pallet crunching       its' peace     the difference of fools       
                          I could care if it were world piece
               Needing one every time.  

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