Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I add olive oil to everything

Dear Greece  O mother
      dear lover and land of many ways
You have been matched at worst
      Unknown parachutes rest in hidden corners packed like Republicans pulling cock breath testimony
        Ironically  Not wearing     Verti_brae  sucking  on man nipples lacking the milk to feed
sucking there own cock   for life
                The plight of priest without olives
Too much    mixed      wine

     White washed and bane

                   There or rather here lay the gods of spirit Truman's pride
      Look how I love without olives
Like it   or next your boat varied beneath          

    the blue and white curling tangles
    of her       she  that can not be described                her the unannounced she
Her tangles magic love
    She   Politely       in English     known as

    The sea

Takes it  All beneath her skin.  When Lax the  thought of we
              And thinking again we could sail her
     On her back a pure bride moment
The live        eye sea      of sailing is contagious with olives.
    Bay Blue leisure  most with olives and the burning of oil politely known as light

       Dear Greece the lies are at it again. Casual dress bandits    casually cocked
        Your word is your bondo diss-spiritedly 
Binding  filthy edge to filthy edge.
   Your bowl cut doesn't matter
    Your banquet doesn't matter
      Your mow hawk doesn't matter
        Your Nazi flat short ear doesn't matter
           Your spread eagle blonde babes with Buddha eye slit bread and butter drunk slits craving yes 

               red skin   blue skin yes
saying yes     
        Pink lips cock ring yes
                      spread eagle to yes
moaning yes in the dark yes
        Proving yes
               does not matter without olives.
    And in turn she again can not be described
         Dear Greece the masons care not of the stone
Plug stone upon stone plugs upon me upon me upon stone upon me upon me upon stone upon
        Fuck you
That's why?

                   Dear Greece o mother, "no harm on thy bodie," s. Have gone through hell to tap upon glass with light noise to seek out least ness blog.

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