Friday, June 17, 2016

So. Too_apartment storage (insert letter)

House is earth
                      Shit in this corner
Or shit everywhere
          I don't need Babylon tower but I don't need      need cage               and the measurement of a leader is what happens after he,    If we're honest, dies.
    Gelatine sanctuary for the ones in the loop    cheer at            behind the line and gain a moment's notice.
      To be opened to the other is outcast.
                 Whatshername     Fuck is she wearing?
   The afterlife is spent with the leader in hiding, worker bees pleaded to saint fucking saint
             sick with verve leading saint to massage saint    
                     of her idea       is either saint or sin
       her idea alone is saint? Hisalone?    
What is is does      is death is   done the next thing is what matters

             The worker bee forcibly lead
Leading needs      blood to manage.
         Cultured and living in a pixie dish cross scripture best dream
The Only Way To Fly
                        Living the life they sainted

What a game.

It is the occasional   we     I promise
             How does one live without sigma
And ritual       the only way to tap
      Tap into them  the story goes and boast the right  is glaring
Tap into her and see the darkness  defence she's learned and dare the out one
         Tap into him and old the toll flute best she is the bearing
                 Tap into star gut eyes without his cute bend it is  there and cloning
     Tap into nothing gut reach post hole
Rat the world is starting
                             Tap in to lift hole boast loaf precinct raft the world is bearing
                                                  Tap into its don't hole, lift cove, bandit bright and daft it boat bland sinking?

      Tap into tandem rose, tote caller
Tarry near, soul food    button don't sea fairy lifting
           Tap into bandit bright the starlight dark room   plug the points so husbanding
                    Tap in to tonsil soul in roast
The messy throat is soiling
                                        Tap into don't  like press pin       and free
                           the positives are eyeing
       Tap into sought and silk and tea
The rest is raw but searing

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