Thursday, June 9, 2016

The older I get to longer I stare at leafs

The older I get the longer I stare at leafs
          And taro has the back deck
Sitting Coffee table           coughing colors long past away and  not yet scene 
            Butter biscuits in morning air the stomach does the thinking mind off and tailored    and or tired and or both
  mind  high          have it delicately    
           Open the mouth not to death

   We shake it fast and dare other to watch itself.
           Or lip culture is alive and the Well ran
                               service industry  back      mind high
Orwell said the only thing I owe death is to die_

            Coughing dark lung and bad teeth
Well eyes alive and ran.
                           Pull my nerves system and braids  come out.  I think it's the same for everyone

                         Braids like that one
Looking like it likes to be looked at
           When I think we're all just waiting on jesus

          Or waiting   On  Jesus  pouring drinks for Jesus       misspelling in excel for jesus parking cars for Jesus
Selfies for jesus    and   loving thy neighbor for us.

                      And lip culture is alive and well
        mind high watching self making other shake it fast

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